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Swiss Advisors 1973
We look at the future through your eyes.
Today. Tomorrow. Always.

We look at the future through your eyes.
Today. Tomorrow. Always.

VECO Group is one of the most important private and independent Multi Family Office, founded in Lugano in 1973, which has been working for almost 50 years alongside its clients to contribute to their success in private, business and corporate. Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates are the two platforms from which we operate to serve Swiss, European and international clients.

Switzerland today.

A strong country, an international platform for companies wanting to grow and open up to new markets, an ideal place to live with your family.

A small country in the center of Europe, in just over half a century Switzerland has built an incredible reputation which has led this small state in the heart of Europe to stand out and excel on a global level. Renowned for its neutrality, Switzerland, thanks also to its strategic geographic location, has been able to build over time a strong and distinctive positioning based on financial strength, stable government, liberal economy, excellent infrastructure, cosmopolitan and international mentality. Today, Switzerland is the country with the highest quality of life in the world and is recognized as the ideal place to establish and grow your business.

Are you interested in living and doing business in Switzerland?
Read our special in-depth review.

Lugano, one of the most liveable cities in Europe as well as the headquarters of the VECO Group.
The Robotics Laboratory at the Zurich Polytechnic, considered one of the best university institutes in the world.
Switzerland holds more than 50% of the world watch market, with an estimated turnover of more than 50 billion francs.
The Federal Building in Bern, cradle of Swiss Federalism.

Our individually tailored services focus on clients‘ needs.

We offer solutions to achieve their ambitions and agree with the person, family or business as to the best personalised plan of action to achieve their goals.


"We are a competent, qualified, family-run and cutting-edge consultancy boutique, grown in almost 50 years of history and experiences lived together with our customers. And it is thanks to them that today we represent one of the most important Multi Family Office in Switzerland."
Antonio Mandrà
Chairman VECO Group
CEO VECO Advisory SA