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The companies

The VECO Group is represented by a holding company called VECO Group SA, which holds the various Swiss and foreign holdings active in various areas of expertise and specialization.

VECO Advisory SA
VECO Advisory SA

With experience on the international field, in-depth expertise, dynamism and an approach aimed at solving the most diverse personal, fiscal and corporate problems, Veco Advisory Trust is the ideal partner for personalized strategic consultancy for both individuals and companies.

Fiscal and Corporate advisory
Strategic business consulting
Tax optimization and assistance
Estate planning, legal assistance
Managing complex corporate transactions
VECO Invest SA
VECO Invest SA

Knowledge of financial markets, flexibility and personalization are VECO Invest’s core features; the expert you can trust to build a financial plan tailored to you, the client based on your objectives and risk profile. Veco Invest SA does not follow current trends – it is always one step ahead in offering its clients the utmost advice, all the whilst retaining the flexibility to respond to any investment decisions necessary for success.

Wealth management
Personalized financial advice
Strategic support in multi-banking relationship
Monitoring and due diligence
VECO Trustee SA
VECO Trustee SA

In the context of asset planning and heritage protection we work alongside the entrepreneur and with wealthy families to consciously plan the transition of their wealth to future generations. The two main tools used are Trust and Foundations.

A trust is a private legal arrangement whereby the ownership of Settlor’s assets is transferred to the Trustees who will control, manage and use the assets (Trust Fund) for the benefit of the Beneficiaries. Trusts are efficient and flexible solutions in terms of asset protection, estate planning, wealth transfer over generations, family governance and tax planning, depending on the type of trust, on the residence of Settlor, of the Trustee, of the Beneficiaries as well as on the location of the Trust Fund. Trusts derive from the common law and are well recognized at an international level.

The foundation is a legal entity without members and with its own organisation, the object of which is to achieve a specific purpose, normally for the benefit of family members or for charitable purposes. Foundations are an efficient and flexible solution in terms of estate planning, wealth transfer over generations and family governance. The Foundation is well known in civil countries, therefore its recognition and acceptance might depend upon the type of foundation and the residence of the Founder and of the Beneficiaries.

VECO Immobiliare SA
VECO Immobiliare SA

Real estate is the fundamental investment and constitutes an important part of family and corporate assets and is therefore a precious asset which should increase in value and be handed down over time. As such, Veco Immobiliare SA operates with a view to diversifying risk and increasing yield, through the partnership with Tradefidam SA.

Administering rental and commercial buildings
Real estate consultancy
Real estate brokerage, rentals and sales
Construction management
VECO Insurance SA
VECO Insurance SA

Security, protection and vision are the fundamental principles for living peacefully and planning your future. Experienced and independent professionals from Veco Insurance SA can advise you to analyze the different situations and evaluate the best solutions in the market that best fit your personal needs.

Insurance protection of personal and corporate assets
Liability insurance and legal protection
Individual and professional pension plans
VECO Digital SA
VECO Digital SA

Digitization and innovation are two very current issues for the entrepreneur who wants to face the future. VECO Digital SA, a Veco Group company specialized in corporate technology consulting, is ideally placed to support and contribute to the entrepreneur's success in the digitalization era.

Personal and corporate digital consulting
Workshops to learn about technologies
Digitalization project management
Digital Training in the company (social media, e-commerce, digital marketing, blockchain, CRM, ERP)
BlueStar Investment Managers SA
BlueStar Investment Managers SA

BlueStar Investment Managers SA is authorised pursuant to Art. 24 Para. 1 FinIA (Federal Act on Financial Institutions) as Manager of Collective Assets and is therefore subject to direct supervision by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). BlueStar is also a member of Asset Management Association Switzerland.

Consultancy services to institutional clients
Asset allocation and diversification
Selecting personalized third-party funds
Analyzing single and consolidated portfolios
Swiss Group - Dubai e Abu Dhabi

Swiss Group, who recently joined the VECO Group, is specialized in corporate and management consulting, accounting services and legal advisory services, based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, who combines Swiss and International expertise and deep experience of the Middle Eastern markets where it operates since 1970. Swiss Group employs Swiss and international experts, lawyers, and accountants who speak 7 languages, for companies that want to open new business in the Middle East or to manage existing structures and companies.

Management Consultancy
Free Zone, Mainland, Offshore Companies
Company Migration to the UAE
Foundations and Special Purpose Vehicles
Accounting and Taxation Services
Legal Consultancy
VECO Ltd - Hong Kong

As a ‘bridge over China’ thanks to its partnership with the local intermediary, VECO Ltd Hong Kong can offer an integrated international Tax Advisory service, corporate services and support for international trade.

Servizi societari internazionali
Costituzione e amministrazione di società
Commercio internazionale