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Independent Asset management: advantages and opportunities

Many investors have chosen to invest their assets in Switzerland and are still doing so today, primarily due to the trust placed in this small country in the center of Europe.

Switzerland's advantages
- well-known neutrality
- strategic geographic position
- government stability and reliability
- solid economic structure
- safety and protection of individuals
- legal certainty
- recognized financial strength
- tradition and skill in managing investments
- advantageous taxation system
- cosmopolitan and international mentality

Independent asset management
Independent asset management is represented by expert and highly specialized professionals who provide financial consulting aimed at safeguarding, protecting, and growing your financial assets. Since they are independent, financial managers not connected to a bank or financial group do not pursue a predefined commercial strategy for investment products. Instead,  they take care of their clients' actual interests by implementing personalized investment choices.

Many independent management companies are owned by the consultants themselves, whose strength is the direct and personal relationship with the client, created by building long-lasting relationships that often endure well beyond the professional affiliation.

The primary advantages of Swiss independent asset management
View of the entire personal, family, and company financial picture.
The independent asset manager's strength is the ability to see the big picture and not only take care of the client's interests linked to specific investments, but also to endeavor to integrate the client's financial objectives with their actual needs, while also providing support with their tax, retirement, inheritance, family succession, and generational business transfer planning.

Personal relationship
To offer consulting that is strictly in line with the client's objectives, independent asset managers dedicate a great deal of time to evaluating the client's situation in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the reasons for the choices made, becoming a "trusted individual" and developing relationships that go way beyond the professional affiliation.

Simple and transparent fee structure
The cost of independent asset management is usually based on a fixed commission called a "flat fee" which includes all costs calculated as a percentage of the assets managed, without any other additional expenses.  This simple and transparent price structure without surprises is greatly appreciated by the clients.

High level of skill for increasingly complex financial needs
Independent asset managers can help investors face any problem that occurs during their professional and family life, especially when it comes to large assets. It is not only about financial investments, but integrated asset planning, which includes investments as well as financing, sale of a company, complicated tax situations often with complex international situations, trust or foundation structures, and up to and including intergenerational wealth transfer.

No conflict of interest
The independent asset manager, who is often an entrepreneur, is able to evaluate investment choices autonomously and independent of company business policies, in a completely open investment architecture that allows the selection of a wide range of diversified investment instruments.

Reliability and continuity over time
Months and years may pass, but the manager does not change. This is one of the primary advantages in choosing an independent manager that is smaller in size than a bank and where, once a relationship of trust has been established, the contact person who works alongside the client remains the same for life, even assisting the client during the difficult time of generational changeover, planning in the most appropriate manner and with the instruments best suited to their goals.

Consolidating reporting, even with several banks
Seeing the big picture and independent management allows the client to be supported in diversifying their portfolio, even by choosing to work with numerous banks, guaranteeing consolidated reporting that allows the control and management of their financial assets with several Swiss and international financial institutions as well.

Tax optimization
Taxation is an important factor that, when handled wisely, can often lead to a better result. The independent manager is also able to support the client when planning their tax position in countries in which they are subject to taxation, with the goal being to optimize the result and avoid unpleasant surprises later.