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VECO Invest: the Asset Management Boutique

Veco Invest is an independent asset management company founded in 1988 and is one of the historical pillars of the VECO Group. It includes professionals with consolidated experience in the management of complex portfolios, with in-depth knowledge of financial markets, who are able to offer a high degree of flexibility and customization of the service.  Not belonging to a banking group guarantees impartiality and great flexibility in investment policies.

Veco Invest can meet the needs of the most complex client for wealth management, risk planning, asset protection, consolidated management of multiple banking relationships, due diligence, tax optimization and more.

Asset allocation strategies and investment choices are the consequence of a structured, clear and transparent investment process that determines efficiency and effectiveness monitored over time.
From a strategic vision, to a tactical asset allocation implemented on a monthly basis, monitored weekly by a Team of experts who evaluate on daily inputs the impacts of the countless variables endogenous and exogenous to the financial markets, in order to implement them in compliance with the objectives in the portfolios of the managed clients.

Investment process in VECO Invest

Strategic asset allocation models

Underlying investment choices of the portfolios are 5 strategic asset allocation models that identify the investment structure proportionally increasing to the expected risk-return, from the most conservative called Fixed Income to the most dynamic called Equity.

Each of the models makes targeted and thoughtful use of a mix of classic and innovative financial instruments that invest in cash, bonds, currencies, equities, alternative products, commodities and other more sophisticated instruments. Each model incorporates decisions resulting from structured analysis that lead to the constitution of a portfolio that respects the client's expectations, in terms of performance and risk, inseparable binomial of the investor and guarantee of the expected success.

At the client's discretion, especially for those who are more financially literate, Veco Invest also offers a " Customized" management profile, which incorporates a high degree of flexibility to be able to actively participate in investment choices.  In this model, the client can participate in investment decisions and portfolio construction by defining together the diversification percentages of each asset class, the minimum and maximum investment percentages as well as sometimes going as far as sharing specific investment choices.

Consolidated reporting
Analysis and financial reporting are fundamental to assess in detail the results obtained but also to plan future investment choices.
The main reporting services offered by Veco Invest include:

• Consolidation of multi-asset and multi-bank relationships
• Annual performance report, breakdown and contribution levels
• Analysis of returns and liabilities
• National and international reporting
• Benchmark Analysis
• Tax optimization

Reporting example