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February 2022

Switzerland restart. Stronger than before.

Alessandro Mele - VECO Group

Lugano,  February 16th 2022

Today Switzerland has decided with rationality, responsibility and pragmatism, typical of this country, to get out of the COVID emergency situation and to return to live, work and freedom.

We have lived two difficult years, a period that we will remember for a long time, an extraordinary event that is having an impact on everyone and everything, individuals, companies, institutions, and has changed our way of living. People, the economic system and the companies suffered an unexpected event with economic and social repercussions that we will have to manage for a long time.
A unique experience that Switzerland has lived with strength and determination, on the one hand by strengthening and organizing the health system, on the other by implementing extraordinary and effective measures to support people and categories of companies that have suffered most in this period. Last but not least by informing in a careful and rational way, always guaranteeing fairness of opinions.

Today Switzerland is stronger than before, with a social and economic system that has withstood the impact of the pandemic well and is ready to restart.

This is demonstrated by the IMD World Competitiveness Rankings 2021 research which sees Switzerland first in the world rankings for the first time in 33 years.

IMD Competitiveness Rankings 2021
The main reasons for the IMD research that led Switzerland to rank first: 
- Surpass Covid-19 and ensure a fast economic recovery.
- Prevent protectionism and keep markets open.
- Strengthen competition in domestic sectors in order to raise productivity.
- Support adjustment and cushion structural change and preserve financial stability in the face of the challenging monetary environment.
- Increase sustainability of social welfare and pension systems.

Advantages and opportunities of opening a business

Switzerland is the most competitive business location in the world. Its capacity for innovation, high technological level, liberal economic system, political stability, close relations with foreign markets, excellent education and health system, extraordinary infrastructure, competitive tax system and not least a high quality of life are the main good reasons for establishing your company in Switzerland.

A strong country, an international platform for companies wanting to grow and open up to new markets, an ideal place to live with your family.

Switzerland's strengths at a glance

1. Neutrality
2. Strategic geographical position
3. Stable and reliable political government
4. International and cosmopolitan society
5. Liberal economic structure
6. Continuous innovation
7. Excellent infrastructure
8. Recognized financial solidity
9. Advantageous taxation
10. Strong international relations

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